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Retail theft is a real and ongoing issue, one that damages profitability and jeopardises the financial health of your clothing range. The best way to avoid in-store theft is with RFID Tags and Source Tagging.

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Our integrated RFID Source Tagging solutions combine EAS devices with your labels and tags that are delivered directly to your product source and will provide solutions to:

• Improve product tracking
• Improve supply chain tracking
• Reduce retail theft


What is Source Tagging?

Source Tagging is the integration of security tags with a product, either at the point of manufacture or point of packaging.

Source tagging reduces the cost and labour involved in applying security devices 'in-store' and opens the supply chain to greater track and trace capability.

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The most common system in use is the attachment of a security tag to the product, either overtly or covertly, which is then deactivated at point of sale.

Protect your investment with security tags

Security tags are disposable tags which come in a variety of styles and materials depending on the desired application required. Available in either RFID (Radio Frequency) or AM (Acousto Magnetic) formats, the format used will be determined by the hardware reader systems used by the retailer.

How Image Label Systems do it
Our source tagging is focused on the integration of RFID tags or AM tags into labels and swing tags for antitheft and product tracking. These solutions range from:

Entry Level
The entry-level product is an RFID tag that is overprinted with a bar code or other variable information.

Integrated Swing Tag
The integrated swing tag is either covert or overt. The covert solution encases the tag device (either RFID or AM) within the swing tag.

The overt solution applies the tag device to one side of the swing tag. In either case the swing tag can either be plain (unprinted) or can carry brand imagery, as well as other variable information for use at point of sale.


Integrated woven label
The integrated woven label product looks like a traditional woven label. However it is manufactured using the patented Comfortsoftwear™ process, as a 'pocket' that houses the tag device (either RFID or AM).

After sale, the woven pocket is generally removed by the consumer to prevent reactivation, so this solution is generally of a generic nature and doesn't usually carry any form of branding.

There is no substitute for top quality labelling and good design particularly when it is used to enhance product tracking and reduce retail theft.

To find out which security tagging option is right for your range call us today.


About Us

Image Label Systems specialises in label and packaging solutions that communicate branding and item specific information, and carry RFID, barcode, antitheft and product tracking devices from source to point of sale.

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