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At Image Label Systems, our clothing label solutions focus on the consistent representation of your brand imagery.

What does this involve?

A dedication from us to deliver brand based solutions via our operating model that has firmly embedded at its core the key elements of:
collaboration, single supplier solutions, brand development, fast turnaround and flexibility.




Whether you are a small boutique or major international brand owner, we work with you to develop solutions that work for your individual needs: focusing on the consistent representation of your brand imagery and compliance labelling.


The way we approach a new client is always from a point of collaboration and the value we deliver begins at a conceptual level, progresses through to product design, followed by sampling and finally production.

The sampling process is an integral part of what we do, it gives the client the ability to amend or alter their original designs prior to full production commitment.

Our focus is on collaboration at all points along the idea, prototype and final product delivery stages.

Collaboration is a toolkit element; that ensures we are all on the same page.


Single supplier solutions  

This is one of the many reasons why we are the supplier of choice for designers, manufacturers and other garment producers.  At  Image Label Systems  we recognise the benefits for our clients in having a single supplier and single relationship base.

The question we ask is - why have multiple relationships to manage when you can have one?

"I prefer to reduce supplier numbers to a level that provide Ripe with a manageable, cost effective network that will adequately supply the width and breadth of goods and services we require.  It is important for me and our company culture that we build strong relationships with partners that are a good match for us. We endeavor to work with companies that are compatible with the unique nuances of our business"

Ripe co-founder, Lisa Balakas

In our operating capacity as supplier, we will ensure consistency across your garment range and support whatever distribution channels that are applicable to you - worldwide or geographically specific areas like United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

Single Supplier Solutions

Brand development 

There is a saying "sometimes small things have big meanings" and this is particularly fitting when applied to  garment tags. We offer an extensive product range including woven labels, swing tags and care labels, in addition to a range of branded apparel trims, badges and patches, lanyards, zip pulls, button bags, and printed ribbons and tape.

Tags are designed and created to reflect the quality of a product and as such they carry the essence and delivery of brand imagery.

For this reason, it is increasingly important for clothing manufacturers to get the brand imagery of garment tags 'just right' and achieving this requires expertise.

That's where Image Label Systems is able to deliver expert advice and garment tag options to create distinctive labels that deliver on brand imagery, are consistent, and of high quality.

Consistent branding across all channels and unique garment labels are hugely importance to a brand's image so it pays to get it right. 


Fast turnaround  

Essentially, turn-around directly affects sales, productivity, profit margins and success. And we understand this better than most. Fast turn-around is an operating model many of our clients use. It works for them because the slower the turn-around, the more stock they have to carry and the more discounts are given at the end of the season, to move residual stock.

 "We reviewed our sourcing and moved it all to Image Label Systems 3 years ago. The company is a great match for us. Bruce Hadley and the team are a delight to work with. The process of supply and development is streamlined and straightforward. Image label Systems provide us consistent, high quality representation of our brand through woven garment labels, swing tags, product information tags and other branded trims."

Ripe Co-founder, Lisa Balakas


Fast Turnaround


The way we approach each client is with an individual process plan, because each client's needs differ greatly. At  Image Label Systems  we work with a broad range of businesses - some are new start-ups and others are well established household brands. Our flexible, cost effective and customised clothing label solutions focus on consistent, high quality representation.

Our diversity of approach goes to illustrate our responsibility to understand our clients' needs and to continue to make it as easy as possible to communicate with them - no matter what technology is used.

No matter what the need or how 'out of the ordinary' a client needs or requests may be, we will do everything we can to source that item or find a solution.

Finding a balance that delivers a consistently high standard across our offerings that also maintains the capacity to develop new products or methods, as our clients need arises, is a challenge we thrive on and constantly aim to exceed.



About Us

Image Label Systems specialises in label and packaging solutions that communicate branding and item specific information, and carry RFID, barcode, antitheft and product tracking devices from source to point of sale.

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