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Product Identification is an important part of any retail supply chain.  Product 'ID" is the ability to identify and differentiate, by one or more unique characteristics (eg size, style, colour, price, material, SKU or barcode) one product from other similar product.

Products are assigned codes representing each variable, which are then used throughout the product supply chain to track distribution, manage inventory, and ensure compliance with Point-of-Sale systems.

Image Label Systems provides customised solutions that manage the delivery of this 'variable information' seamlessly from your internal systems to ours and onto your labels and tags. 

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Our  secure data management systems and strategic network of service bureaus work to:  

- Protect the accuracy of your retail data
- Reduce the cost of delivering information to your product labels and tags
- Eliminate potential errors 

Barcode labels

We provide customised solutions that deliver item specific consumer and supply chain information and barcodes to your preferred label or tag media.

With our variable data print facilities situated on the doorsteps of our customers' global points of production, we streamline your supply chain, reducing both costs and lead times.

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We meet global standards and operate in a global context

GS1 is a global standards compliance required for most retail environments; essentially if it is a global barcode administrative authority. 

It is present in every food item we purchase and GS1 sets barcode formats globally. 

Put into context, the first 2 numbers are country of origin the next numbers are company specific and the rest are product specific.

Image Label Systems are trained on the GS1 system to create compliant tags and barcodes which are hugely important for large format retailers and global fashion retail. GS1 provides structure and continuity in what could otherwise be a chaotic system.

We have complete flexibility to create a customer definable template, or we can work to strict specifications and mandates, which may be in place for the labelling of your products.

Variable data labels and printing

The simplest explanation of variable data printing is where variable data like barcodes, pricing, SKU numbers or descriptions are printed direct to labels and tags. 

Variable information or data allows for greater traceability in that each item with a Variable Data printed tag has a unique 'code' applicable to that item. For that reason, Variable Data Printing is ideal on swing tags and pricing labels.

Your variable data is managed from your internal systems to your point-of-production using our web based label management system, LabelNet®. This process is seamless; eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring data accuracy across single or multiple points of supply. 

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Variable data print to a range of tags and labels  

We can print to almost anything - printed care and instruction labels, printed self-adhesive labels, swing tags, and specialist products such as synthetic outdoor labels and tags. 

This substrate versatility is ideal for specialist product applications, such as synthetic labels for tracking outdoor hire equipment  - the labels are durable and robust and are capable of withstanding the ravages of nature.

Shipping labels are prime candidates for Variable Data printing with data that allows for traceability - whereever in the world the item may be headed. 

With FMCG items that are delivered to supermarkets, chances are those items will be shipped to a distribution centre that deals with thousands of items on a daily basis. Ensuring these items are clearly and uniquely labelled is essential - as dictated by strict supermarket regulations.

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Global players  

Image Label Systems has an enviable and world class global network, through which we supply Variable Data products to many locations around the world - a core offering in our range for many years.

Our global network allows us to meet the printing needs of our clients with a global perspective - we can deal with a customer locally and then produce in Hong Kong and ship to other areas of China, Asia and the rest of the world. 

With 'Variable Print Bureaus' in all branches of the company, we are able to keep our global network connected and functioning well.

For proof of how well Variable Data printing works, it is best seen in our partnership with retailer Farmers.

As an approved Farmers barcode label and tag supplier, Image Label Systems consistently satisfy brand guidelines for their organisation specific needs, from graphic brand imagery to variable product data.

Contact us here to speak to one of our team about how our barcode labels and variable data printing can make your stock management and retail compliance more efficient and more effective.

About Us

Image Label Systems specialises in label and packaging solutions that communicate branding and item specific information, and carry RFID, barcode, antitheft and product tracking devices from source to point of sale.

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