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What we do

1Labels for Clothing

At Image Label Systems, our clothing label solutions focus on the consistent representation of your brand imagery.

2RFID & Source Tagging

Retail theft is a real and ongoing issue, one that damages profitability and jeopardises the financial health of your clothing range. The best way to avoid in-store theft is with RFID Tags and Source Tagging. Contact us here

3Barcode & Variable Data Labels

Product Identification is an important part of any retail supply chain.  Product 'ID" is the ability to identify and differentiate, by one or more unique characteristics (eg size, style, colour, price, material, SKU or barcode) one product from other similar product. Products are assigned codes representing each variable, which are then used throughout the product supply chain to track distribution, manage inventory, and ensure compliance with Point-of-Sale systems. Image Label Systems provides customised solutions that manage the delivery of this 'variable information' seamlessly from your internal systems to ours and onto your labels and tags.  Contact Us Here

4Retail Packaging

In store and beyond, promote your brand identity with our exciting range of retail packaging, including unique carry bags, branded tissue papers, jewellery cards, hosiery wraps and custom designed cartons.

5Custom Retail Packaging

Our comprehensive and cohesive retail packaging designs promote your brand identity, both in-store and beyond Product packaging is the face your brand presents to the world, so it pays to always put your best face forward. Contact us here

CONSULTING - Label & Packaging Design | Product DNA

We understand that no two businesses are exactly the same. We take the time to get to know your specific requirements and create solutions that work for you.

Our product design is influenced by our work with some of the leading European clothing brands, and our technical and production experience delivers a consistently high quality product.

DELIVERY - Production | Supply | Billing

Our people on the ground across Asia and the Pacific are what make the difference.  We speak the local languages, understand the local business cultures, and deliver solutions that work for you.

We develop customised solutions that recognise your delivery, billing & supply chain demands.

Our manufacturing partners are required to comply with high expectations of ethical standards, and meet leading industry quality systems and processes.

SUPPORT - Communication | Management | Relationships

We measure our success not just by the products we create, but by the relationships we build. We value open communication, and carefully manage each aspect of your project, from design to delivery.

Our e-business solution, LabelNet®, lets you view your label and packaging portfolio and place orders on-line, wherever and whenever you choose to do business. And LabelNet® caters for the full range of supply chain variables we manage every day, including your chosen billing options, and multiple currencies and points of production.

Our Clients

About Us

Image Label Systems specialises in label and packaging solutions that communicate branding and item specific information, and carry RFID, barcode, antitheft and product tracking devices from source to point of sale.

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