Some of the funniest clothing labels you will ever see!

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30 May 2016 Dean Prosser 0 Comments

Everyone knows a joker... and sometimes that joker is in charge of the business.

It's good to see brands having some fun with communicating very important information, with a humorous twist. We don't often see these on traditional garment labelling, but we're sure they will make you smile.

Specific label information

Most labels give simple instructions, but some are either too specific or not specific enough.

 Labels -funny1

Helpful advice labels

Some companies like to use their labels to give advice - sometimes helpful, sometimes not.

 Labels -funny3

Ironic labels

Hipsters love obscure references and irony, and having them sewn into their clothes gives them something no one else has.

 Labels -funny2

Humorous labels

A personalised label is a great way to connect with your customers, have some fun and offer them some suggestions.

 Labels -funny5

Irreverent labels

And of course there's the irreverent, or comic genius - you decide!

  Labels -funny7

From the above pictures, you will see a broad range of different label production options. From thermal printed labels, screen printed labels, woven labels and on various substrates too.

There is a wide range of options available for not only care labelling requirements, but also any of your main brand labelling needs.

Our global team will be able to guide and assist you with any type of label, and whatever message you want to add to it.

Care and content labels

Care and content labels are a necessity in the clothing and fabric industry.

And while the vast majority of them all say the same thing, there's no reason why you can't make yours unique and reflective of your brand.

As long as what you put on them is legal and meets ethical standards, Image Label Systems can produce these labels for your business.

Whether it's a basic nylon printed label, or a beautiful, fully woven care/content label with your branding embroidered on it, our global network can provide all your labelling solutions. 

Woven Labels




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