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12 Aug 2014 David Marshall 0 Comments

Variable Information is the term used to describe the item specific data that is required throughout a product's supply chain and most conspicuously, at point of sale.

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Typical examples are barcode, price, size, style and colour.

As a product works it's way through the supply chain, this information is used for a variety of purposes, including inventory control, warehousing and distribution, and retail sales management.


What do we do?

We provide practical solutions that translate the item specific variable information from your internal ERP system onto product labels and tags.

What are the media options?

We offer a full range of label and tag media options and work with you to achieve what works best for your brand and your budget. The three most common options are:

Integrated brand and variable information tags

Bdshm _sweden _price _tag_

The most popular solution is to print your variable information directly onto branded swing tags. This solution delivers a clean, integrated look, with the added bonus of eliminating the cost of printing and applying a secondary label.

Price tickets ('kimbles')

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Price tickets are a dedicated tag carrying your variable information. Although they can carry pre-printed brand imagery, they are generally a plain tag.  'Kimbles', as they are often called, usually incorporate one or more tear off tabs, and so are particularly popular where multiple country pricing is displayed.

Self adhesive labels

Lanvin -for -HM-Tag -Close -Up

In this solution the variable information is printed onto plain or pre-printed self-adhesive labels, which are attached to your product tags at point of production.

How we do it?

The information you maintain on your products is supplied to us directly from your ERP system each time you need to place an order for labels or tags. We help you to set his process up.

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Your variable information is transferred seamlessly into our web-based information management solution - LabelNet® - where it is distributed to the Image Label Systems print hub nearest to your point of production. 

The information is then translated onto your chosen label or tag media by our print hub and delivered to your chosen point of supply. This entire process can take as little as 3 days, depending on your point of production. Simple!!

Throughout this process we use secure, on-line transfer and verification processes, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your information is maintained.

At Image Label Systems we work with small and large businesses and recognise the importance of flexibility, collaboration and communication in delivering a successful end product.

To find out more about how we can deliver a successful end product for you, and work seemlessly with your supply chain please visit our website.






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Image Label Systems specialises in label and packaging solutions that communicate branding and item specific information, and carry RFID, barcode, antitheft and product tracking devices from source to point of sale.

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