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The hidden impact of China’s pollution crackdown globally

20 Mar 2018 Dean Prosser 0 Comments

China is clamping down on pollution and they're not messing around, closing factories and arresting people. But what impact will this have on the textile industry, and the global market in general?...Read More


Andrea Moore becomes the latest Kiwi fashion brand to fail

13 Feb 2018 David Marshall 0 Comments

Half a dozen established fashion brands closed permanently in New Zealand in 2017. Why? We take a look at the reasons behind this disturbing trend....Read More


5 predictions for the apparel industry in 2018

22 Dec 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

Take a look at our top 5 predictions for the coming year, and get a heads-up for what's in store for the apparel industry in 2018....Read More


Why the zipper is one of history's greatest inventions

19 Dec 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

Discover the fascinating history of the zipper, from its three inventions through to a global everyday item....Read More


The top 5 threats facing the apparel industry today

23 Nov 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

From water shortages to cyber attacks, there are many things which can damage the apparel industry. We've listed the top 5 threats in this article....Read More

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