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What Topshop's experience tells us about the fast fashion industry

19 Sep 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

Despite all the fanfare and expectation, Topshop's New Zealand expansion is coming to an end after only 2 years. What does this tell us about the modern fashion industry?...Read More


Has wearable tech failed before it even begins?

29 Aug 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

Wearable technology was going to take the world by storm, improving our health, surroundings and social lives. So what happened?...Read More


Why woven labels add something special to your brand

14 Aug 2017 Bruce Hadley 0 Comments

The label on a garment is an artist signing their latest work. Discover why a woven label portrays the quality, commitment, and skills your brand represents....Read More


5 branding mistakes your small business should avoid

27 Jul 2017 David Marshall 0 Comments

Branding is fundamental to your business, so getting it right is critical. Here are five common mistakes business owners make and how you can avoid them....Read More


How does a labeling company earn their Scout badge?

11 Jul 2017 Dean Prosser 0 Comments

The Scouting movement is a worldwide institution that millions of people have been involved in over the previous century, but where do their badges come from?...Read More

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